What to Consider When Preparing Your Moving Budget


So the real estate agent has told you that these are the largest apartments in Oklahoma city and you have finally decided on a specific one and it’s now time for your move. You will only have to find a few boxes, put all your stuff in and take them to the new place in the night, right? But that’s not how it usually works.

It can turn out to be quite expensive in the end to move to a new place and every kind of small moving costs can accumulate to empty up your wallet. But with proper planning you can handle everything with ease. Here are some of the expenses that should be taken care of when you are planning your move.

Cleaning the apartment you are leaving must be the top priority for you. Here what is most important to consider is that what you think to be more important – your time or your money? Is it possible for you to hire some professional cleaner or plumber for cleaning everything up? Or will it all be done by you on your own? However, regardless of the option chosen here, make sure that you consider these costs when setting up your next moving budget.

Next thing is the costs that will be involved in taking all your stuff to your new apartment. It includes the costs for all the small items like tape, boxes, markers, bubble wrap, paper, Styrofoam, etc.

In case there is so much stuff to be taken to the new place then it will be good for you to pay to some professional movers who can handle your stuff properly and avoid all the hassle for you. However, what they will charge will depend on the type of service that is needed by you but most of the times you get the value for money you are paying to them. Insurance must also be kept in mind when you are using some moving company. Though these professionals are liable legally for all your stuff, the liability level can be different, however. So, it is always advisable that you spend something extra for the insurance coverage in case there are some highly valuable items that have to be taken to your new place.

No matter whether some of your own vehicle is used or some truck/van is rented, you must keep in mind that there can be different in-transit costs of moving. Gas will be your biggest expense here – you always keep your budget a bit higher than expected, as the fuel costs are always on the rise. In case if you are going to make long-distance move then the meals and lodging should also be taken care of when you are on road.

When you are making a move you can have to face any kind of circumstances and there can be unexpected delays as well which can lead you to spend more on lodging, storage facility or supplies, etc. So, consider these costs as well.