Thunder: Enes Kanter Thinks Russell Westbrook Will Finish His Career in Oklahoma City

Enes Kanter says Russell Westbrook is a Thunder for life. Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman

has been very outspoken this summer, but this time it was about Russell Westbrook.

In an interview with published Thursday, the Thunder center said he thinks Westbrook, who isn’t a free agent this summer but is eligible for the Designated Veteran Player Exception contract which would keep him in Oklahoma City an additional five years, will stay with the Thunder his entire career.

“One thing I saw about him is he’s a loyal guy,” Kanter said. “I understand he’s from L.A., he loves L.A., he goes to L.A. every summer, but he’s a loyal player.

“I think he’s gonna finish his career in Oklahoma City.”

This summer, Westbrook has featured in two commercials – one in which he touts Oklahoma City as home and another in which he calls L.A. home, too. It is possible to have two homes. It’s also possible that they’re just commercials for Tumi and Samsung, and have nothing to do with Westbrook’s basketball future.

Here’s more from Kanter, who was asked how Westbrook will react if he doesn’t win Most Valuable Player at the NBA Awards Show on June 26 (8 p.m., TNT):

“He’s not that type of guy like ‘oh man, the world is over,’” Kanter said. “What he’s doing – all this chasing, breaking records, triple-doubles and everything – but he’s stayed hungry.

“People don’t know how good of a guy he is outside of the basketball, because he’s always like angry, he wants to bury you on that court. But outside, he’s a talker, he’s a joker, he makes all these jokes when we’re playing. He plays video games with Andre Roberson on the plane, so he was like a really nice guy. When a rookie comes to our team, I’m really happy for him because there is a good leader like Russell. It’s so much fun to just be around him.”

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