Oklahoma is a Growing State

Oklahoma is a growing state. It’s not growing in terms of its physical size; that’s been determined for quite some time and the boundaries it shares with neighboring states are unlikely to change any time in the near future.

What is booming is the population. If it weren’t for the fact that it had the name Oklahoma in it, most folks would never know where Oklahoma City was a generation ago. Of course even that assumption might not be safe, given that Kansas City is actually in Missouri.

In any event, the city became famous, unfortunately, for the bombing of the downtown federal building that killed almost 200. It was the largest terrorist attack ever on American soil until 9/11.

The city rebounded quite nicely. The damage to many downtown buildings necessitated more resources and labor than the local construction sector could provide, so quite a few workers, businesses, and contractors came to town to help, and many of them fell in love with the area and state and decided to stick around, becoming permanent residents.

The city has grown enough to become an urban area of sufficient size to merit a professional sports franchise from a major league sport. The city hosted the New Orleans franchise while it was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and the support and attendance wound up helping the city become the new home of the Seattle Supersonics, who became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Something that drives many residents to Oklahoma is the fact that they can get access to jobs and urban conveniences in OKC, as Oklahoma City is often called casually, but live in suburban or even rural areas, of which the state still has many of. It’s very possible to work in a city office during the day and live on a farm at night or by weekend.